amsterdam visit

March 12, 2007

amsterdam visit
Research Trip to Holland 2007

Myself and Jack Lockhart were successful in gaining Arts Council funding this year to do some research in Holland and make contacts with artists we may consider bringing over to the UK to work with us. For the Speech Bubble project, we were particularly keen to find a prop maker who could be part of a creative team that explores ideas of collaboration for a week in May 2007. This artist would work alongside myself, (poetry) Jack (art/animation) and a sound artist. We identified that a prop maker and sound artist would be excellent people to work with and push our ideas of creative collaboration into new creative fields that would work well with our skills. I had already done a sound/poetry project in partnership with The WordHoard in Huddersfield, and Jack has worked for many years with propmakers, (and is one himself!), but never with an international artist.
We planned two trips to Holland and the first of these took place from 9th-11th March 2007. On this first visit, we aimed to meet up with a fascinating visual theatre company called Babok. and visit a literature/music festival in The Hague to make some future contacts for our work and see how a Dutch festival is put together.


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