March 16, 2007

450bodies_facemuscles.jpgToday we are due to meet Guido and Carina from Babok, but have a morning free to explore Amsterdam and talk about our project together. We need to also find out how to get to the Hague, so wander through Amsterdam in the general direction of The Central Station. On the way, we pass a sign for The Bodies Exhibition that I know was on in London a while ago. Both of us are disturbed by the idea of going to see it. So we do! The exhibition is made up of real bodies that have had their skin removed and treated with a rubber/polymer process to preserve muscles, and other internal organs. The audience are as interesting as the exhibits. It’s packed out. People are poking their fingers into spaces between organs in the bodies on display and peering into guts, wombs and bladders! A room exhibiting the blood system looks like a room full of coral. I find a section exploring the development of the foetus most disturbing. Think of my sister pregnant with twins. And seeing these alien-like creatures in jars feels voyeuristic,


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